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Beauty, PÜR & Simple

If you're looking for mineral-based makeup and skin care products that you'll love and that deliver great results but don't contain harmful ingredients, you've come to the right page.

PÜR's mission is to offer pure cosmetics that provide beautiful, long-lasting results. PÜR is innovative and its products are multipurpose. It is a US brand that contains only good and nature-friendly products. ingredients.

Since the creation of the brand in 2002, PÜR has redefined the concept of Pure Beauty. Although our proprietary technology may be complex, our method is PÜR (pure) and simple! We believe it's extremely important to enjoy mineral-based products with great pigmentation and coverage that fit your lifestyle. You can be sure that our selection contains products that never contain parabens, gluten, talc, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, SLS or animal ingredients and are not tested on animals. PÜR is 100% Cruelty Free. PÜR cosmetics are also ideal for sensitive and problematic skin and allergy sufferers.

If you need help choosing products, feel free to contact us!




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We have long-term girlfriends, and women entrepreneurs Lennel and Helen. Lennel is known meigikunst technician and trainer, and a beauty salon owner. Helen deals with webpage creation, marketing, and accounting. Dreamteam cooperation. 

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In our view, the facial care and makeup is not only external, but therein also lies a deeper meaning - it gives women self-confidence! When a woman feels beautiful as he is able to achieve much higher goals and to share out with more care and love. 

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We used PÜR products previously and we had these great enthusiasm. Their use is very simple, they cost little, and most importantly, they put us to shine.  We created the concept, which would be available ülihead products with a facial treatment and meigiõpetuste with recommendations and a personal approach. 

We give warranty that the PÜR products will help transform your skin to improve the situation, makeup for daily make-up made easy and the result excellent. 



Kristina Pärtelpoeg

Kristina Pärtelpoeg


"I really liked the PÜR concealer, it can be blended very nicely, and the applicator to apply the concealer is super good. The Tropical C cream you sent, the smell is sooo good, it moisturizes well and leaves the skin very pleasant."

Laura Põldvere

Laura Põldvere


"For me it is very important meigitooted in the case of persistence. When I do myself the morning of makeup, then it lasts for hours-hours thanks to the Selfie foundation to. Secondly, it is important that the makeup would let the skin breathe, but at the same time would be the cover. I make myself every day and thanks to the Move the products on my skin in perfect condition. To me very much like the No filter Rose Gold meigiprimer, which gives shine and moisturizing before the Selfie foundation. I've experimented with a lot of different mascaras, I love it when it gives both length, if the density. Big look mascara truly surprise me. Even though I wear very much ripsmeriba, then the bottom eyelashes should also be rampant painted and will give a balance ripsmepikendustele. My favorites are still highlighter, päikesepuuder and kinnituspuuder."

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Bio Beauty by Milena

Make-up artist

"Since I have been meigitöö in use for very many different mineral and natural cosmetics brands, then I was positively surprised at how nice are these products and fell in love with them from the first sight. Most of all attracted me to these products at a silky, clean, mild and at the same time well to cover the ingredients. Make-up work is the PÜR's makeup is now on my favorites, because meet all of my and my beloved clients desires and needs."




Måne Studio juuksestilist

"I have used many different mineraalkosmeetika brand, but PÜR is my new favorite! Mat foundations and konsiileri are very covering, while the skin breathes, is irrigated and maintained. Puuderja products leave the skin silky smooth and kumavaks and the complexion fresh. Super good pigment and tone bronzer, highlighter and blush! The head is already in the list from new products, which are ordered I wish 😄"



Siret Ott Design fashion designer

"Best mineraalkosmeetika, which I have used. PÜR is kauapüsiv, light, let be breathe, mineral. Professional and customer friendly approach by the team. I've been using the PÜR products wholesale at moepildistamised and the result is excellent. Models are wished to continue their use!"




"Ülihead facial treatment tools, easy to use and leaves the skin even before the cream against the feel-good. And, of course, mudamask, my favorite😘When all the staff is on the face, you would want to fly. Well nice feeling doing, the day started beautifully and the evening ends again nice facial treatment with(ideally) Meigiasju are also superhea you. At the moment I am mainly lipstick used and it pleases me very much. Moisturizes well and does not sink kortsudesse distributed. "




"Forgave for her birthday-up and body-of lenneli with. I was accustomed yourself to the makeup most, but couldn products to choose from and makeup remained for a short time. After the training, I started to existing products move against the exchange, and today is move the products to my makeup bag fully conquered. I have products very satisfied - good coverage and persistence, and skin problems are much less frequent. My favorites are's 4in1 Love Your Selfie, Illuminate and Glow primer and one point eyeliner pencil! I like that the foundation of the product is big and ministry can be colour according to the season and complexion change. Also, the service is super! No matter what the issue is, you can always quick response and meiginippe still on top."




"I changed most of my cosmetics to PÜR Beauty products because the previous products made my eyes and nose watery, my face often had red spots and I felt an annoying feeling of heaviness when wearing make-up. After using PÜR Beauty products for some time now, my eyes and nose no longer water, my skin does not redden and I've started to wear more make-up because, first of all, it gives me a confidence boost and make-up with PÜR Beauty products feels so light on my face - as if there's nothing there. It feels very natural. I also like the look of these products - I'm a decorator and they fit my feminine bedroom perfectly !"



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